Download Militia Mod Apk Latest: Unlimited Health | Ammo | Nitro | Boost +ONE SHOT KILL

Download Militia Mod Apk Latest: Unlimited Health | Ammo | Nitro | Boost  +ONE SHOT KILL

Hello friends, Now a days in mobile gaming era is rising and most of the user wants to play game in mobile device. Mini Militia is android Multiplayer shooting game developed by apssomniacs LLC. Mini Militia become a most played game ever in today time. It is the most famous and most popular mobile game.It become an addictive android game in a short period and users spend a lots of time to play this game. Though it is a multiplayer game and also online so most of the users are playing it over internet, So in this article we give a direct link to download mini militia mod apk.

Many people have some following question about Mini Militia Download

a).What is a mod game?

B).How to download and install this mod version game in android device?

C).And which extra the features are available in this game mod.

D).How to play this game with your Custom Whatsapp friends Online?

In this post, we will give an answer of this above question one by one so read it carefully.

What is Mini Militia mod apk?

We know that this game becomes a very popular game in today's time, Every people want to download it, But many people don't know anything about the mod game?

Mini Militia mod is hack version of official game which has Unlimited Health, one shot kill, unlimited amno, and unlimited flaying power etc, and many extra hack features are available in game mod apk. There are many mod version are available over the internet. Each mod version of this has different mod features. Unlimited health mod game has Unlimited Health power and more unlock features (according to its mod version) that are not available in official game.  

Now after you know about what is mod, you are excited to download this mod. We give a link below to download game mod, So don't  wait download this game mod after reading its features to select the best game mod.

You can play this game with Your friends on WiFi, but Sometime you note that some player be still alive even if you have attacked them, yes it is possible because they use Game Mod version.

Download Mini Militia mod apk.

If you are here come for download Mini Militia mod(hack) apk then you are at right place.

There are many mod this game are available over internet but we list some mod version.

1). Pro pack mod apk
2). Mega mod.
3). Unlimited Health mod.(full hack version)

Note: Before installing a this mod apk uninstall the official Official game.(Must)

And In this article, we provide a download link for below mod version.

1). Pro pack mod apk
2). Mega mod apk and 
3). Unlimited Health mod apk  latest 2016.


In this article, we list a features of above listed mod apk of Mini Militia game so read it and then download as per your choice.

Mega mod is a modded version of Official game but it has no unlimited Health mod feature.While Unlimited mod game has Unlimited Health Feature.

1). Mini Militia pro pack mod apk 

Download the Pro pack mod apk from below link but first read the features of  pro pack apk.

Features Of Pro Pack:

  • Fully access to pro pack features.
  • Latest Version : 2.2.86
  • New HD-graphics.
  • [Added] One Shot Kill Feature.
  • Accessible to pro weapons and guns on the online game.
  • Get rocket launcher and Sniper while playing games.
  • Unlock All store items.
  • Unpacked pro pack version.
  • Also, have Unlimited Ammo and Nitro
  • Transparent Bush Added.
  • Changed skins, trees, shield and weapons.
  • Latest maps Added.
  • Also, Add new weapons and guns.
  • Much more.

Installation Process Of Pro Pack:

  • Firstly all download apk file from below link.
  • After then, Install it.
  • Now, Simply open it and Start playing.

Mini-Militia-pro-pack-Mod-Apk-latest-2016 by

2). Download Mini Militia Mega mod apk


here we provide download link for download mega mod  for Rooted and Unrooted devices.but before downloading Mega mod apk please read the features of it given below.

Features of  Mega Mod apk 2016 latest:
  • One Shot Kill is a Best added feature
  • New maps are added
  • New guns
  • New shields, skins, and weapons 
  • All store items are Unlocked(Free to use)
  • Added the Unlimited Nitro and Unlimited Ammo
  • Transparent Bush
  • Dual gun Bug is Fixed
  • pro pack unlocked

click on below button to download Mega Mod apk latest 2016

Mini-Militia-Mega-Mod-Apk-latest-2016 by

3). Download Mini Militia Unlimited Health mod apk:

Many sited provides a link to download the Unlimited health mod apk but most are provide only simple game , but don't worry we are providing you a direct link  to download the Unlimited Health Mod apk latest 2016.

Features of  Unlimited Mod apk.

  • Unlimited Health(Best feature).
  • All items are Unlocked Free.
  • Mega mod free.
  • Unlimited Flying Power
  • Unlimited Ammo & Nitro.
So Unlimited Mod apk is fully mod(hack) apk of official game apk, because it has the amazing features like Unlimited Health and Unlimited Flying Power with Unlocked Features.

To Download the Unlimited Health Mod apk click on below button. 

How to play Mini Militia game with your Social Group Friends(Like WhatsApp, Facebook etc)

In today's time mini militia is one of the best and most popular multiplayer shooting games. It allows you to play with your friends either via wifi hotspot or online. Many of you would have know about quick play option in game, which allows you to play online with your friends.One common thing that people feel about online play is that, you would need to play with the strangers and you cant play game with your selected friends.

Don't worry we have solution to this problem we will give some step So you can now play with your known friends online via custom play. In this post we have added the step by step tutorial to play this awesome game with your selected friends.


1. Create an online group in social app(whatsapp / Facebook / hike) with the friends you wish to play.

2. Make sure all of your friends are available online for play game.

3. choose Multiplayer for custom play with your friends.

4. Then select Custom option.

5. Now a list of available servers will be loading on your screen.

6. Pick any one of the server from the list(Select any one). In my case I have chosen "Battlezone Kilo"

7. On selecting JOIN you will end up in a page where you need to host a new game.

 8. Tap on "HOST" it will prompt you for a NAME of the game. 

 9. Give any custom name which will be easy to share with your friends on the social group. 

10. Once done you will now be able to see the game play dashboard.

11. It's all set now. It's time to ask your friends to join the play. Just go to the social app group which you created with your selected friends and share the server name and the name of the game which you hosted.

12. Once everyone joins start enjoying the play with your friends.

13. You can also set "Password" to protect your game from other.

14. To do so, just tap on the Lock symbol at the bottom right of the screen. Then enter a custom password for protection.

15. Then, you may share the password with your friends to avoid strangers in your game play.

Final Word: 

Here we share the mini militia apk with its mod version. If you like this article then share it with your friends and also like us on Facebook. Thank You ! 

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